Google Afraid as Samsung’s Share in Android Market Grows

Ask these questions: Who makes all the popular Android phones? Who puts the most marketing efforts in popularizing Android against Windows Phone and iOS? The answer to these questions will be simple: Samsung. Google is happy at Samsung for doing the most promotion of its Android operating system.

But there’s another question that makes Google unhappy. Who dominates the Android market with over 40% market share? It’s Samsung. And Google is afraid that this may cause Google lose its profit. Continue reading


Microsoft’s Comes out of Preview

When Microsoft first launched the preview version of, many people were stunned because the design was really beautiful, attractive and user-friendly as well as fast. With the vintage-style tile icon matching the metro look of Windows 8, quickly became a popular (0 million to 60 million, as Microsoft puts it) email service. Compared to, is a huge improvement. And now it’s time to leave the preview as the company believes they are ready to be mainstream. Continue reading

Google to Establish its own Retail Stores

google retail stores

Google’s co-founder once said that he always wanted to be in hardware business. With the company’s plans to open its own retail stores across the United States for its products, he is finally getting what he had wanted.

Mashable reported that Google may soon open its own retail stores where potential buyers can walk in and test out several of its products that include Chromebook and an upcoming augmented reality glass known as Project Glass. But is it really genius to go from web store to a real world store while the world is actually doing the opposite — moving real world stores to the web? Continue reading

Google Releases Wireless Charger for Nexus 4, But is it Really a Wireless Charger?

nexus 4 wireless charger

Google recently released a wireless charger for its Nexus 4 device manufactured by LG. This little wireless charger looks cute and somewhat affordable. But it doesn’t work the way you’d expect a wireless charger to.

When I think about wireless charger, I expect some system that will charge the phone even when it’s in my pocket. But the Nexus 4 charger does not work that way. It is a little charger, sized less than a tennis ball, where the Nexus 4 has to be placed on. Once the Nexus 4 is on top of it, it will start charging.

Google says it will take about 4 hours for a fully drained Nexus 4 to be fully charged. It’s available via Google Play store for a price tag of $59.

Do you think it’s really a wireless charger? The only thing that’s good about it is that you don’t have to plug in a charger. You still have to put it on the charger. Let us know what you think about this wireless charger which is not so wire-less.

Ouch: Samsung beats out Apple in customer loyalty for the first time … and so does Amazon

Apple probably should learn a lesson that they can no longer satisfy customers with same-looking same-functioning iPhones and iPads forever. It’s time they come up with something new or this decline will continue. Now that Steve Jobs is no more, the survival of Apple, at least in smartphone industry, might be at stake.

2,000 Schools Now Using Chromebook


It’s a Chromebook running Chromium OS.

The tech enthusiasts were definitely interested about what Chromebook could do for them. But the fact that it largely depends on the web and Internet connectivity made many people turn their back on it. However, when it comes to education, Chromebooks appear to be doing a nice job as the adaption rate is growing rapidly.

Continue reading