Business Insider Says Android Owners Aren’t Really Smartphone Owners

The fact that Android-based smartphones are available in all shapes, sizes, and price is the one that probably makes iPhone owners feel bad. At least, an article on Business Insider published on March 12th implies so.

B.I. writer Nicholas Carlson says that owning an Android does not really feel like using a smartphone.

He opens his article by writing that Android owners are less likely to purchase items with their phone, browse the web or watch videos compared to iPhone owners. He also writes that Android phones are too easy to get. Anyone can walk into AT&T, Verizon or Sprint store and get an Android. Even better, Nicholas pokes fun, Androids are often given away for free.

However, his article that seems more like a blog post from an Apple fanboy, totally opposite to the publication standards of Business Insider, has hurt millions of Android owners as they are flooding the comment section as well as on Google+ protesting the article.

A Business Insider, Henry Bodget, commented on Nicholas’ story writing, “The good news for Google is that “normal people” is a big market–much bigger than gadget freaks.” Nicholas replied, Well, except that the limited usage means that iOS developers are making a lot more money than Android developers, and will therefore ignore the platform – perpetuating the problem.”

Android vs iOS debate has become decade-old Mac vs PC debate’s new version. Although smart people tend to avoid this debate, the article over at Business Insider has just raised the topic again giving Apple users and Android users a supreme platform to fight over “whose phones are better.”

I believe a post like that does not deserve to be on Business Insider since it does not have enough data to back up what Nicholas has claimed in the very headline.

What is your take on this?


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