The New Generation of Browsers is Coming


The news of Google Chrome ditching WebKit and going for its own fork of WebKit engine called Blink has been floating almost everywhere on the web. Google says that it has a different way of rendering the content of a web page. And WebKit is only making it even more difficult for Chrome to function. That’s why Google decided to fork the engine and come up with its own version.

Following the Google’s path is another player in the browser war that’s not so seen in the front row named Opera. They announced that they will move to Blink and contribute to its development. When that happens, Apple’s Safari will be the only browser in the major players to use Webkit for rendering webpages.

But that’s not all that’s changing in the browser world.

Mozilla, the foundation behind the popular web browser – Firefox, has announced that it has partnered with Samsung to develop a new engine for web browsers that will take advantage of the extra power and multi-core processors that today’s (and tomorrow’s) devices are equipped with. Named Servo, the engine will be the next generation of web browser on Android smartphones and tablets as well as any device that’s running on ARM chip.

With all these changes to the core engine of web browsers, we are slowly entering the new generation of faster, more powerful and even more feature-rich web browsers. Our life has becoming web-centric with each passing day. Web browsers are the middleman that connect us with the world wide web where we store our contents, our friends (literally), our music, movies, data, private files and everything. Now that our devices are smart, it’s time for browsers to be smarter.

Are you feeling thrilled that the new generation of browsers is just ahead of us? Do you live a life that’s pretty much on the web?


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