Nokia Announces Cheapest Phones Ever

nokia 101

Nokia has recently announced Nokia 100 and Nokia 101, two incredibly low cost mobile phones designed for users in the low end market, specially in the Asian region. This is a move to survive in the competitive field with other manufactures such as Micromax, ZTE, Symphony (available in Bangladesh only) and other non-brand Chinese handsets popular in the market.

According to the sources, the new phones will cost $30 and $35 respectively. These phones are expected to hit the market later this year.

Nokia 100 is a classic handset that is focused on making calls and sending text messages. It features a color display, traditional menu items and FM radio as additional feature. The 101 features dual SIM support in addition to these. It also supports MP3 playback and microSD memory card support for up to 16 GB, which is quite uncommon in low cost phones in the market.

Only a few years ago, Nokia was the most popular and best seller mobile manufacturer in Asian countries. However, new manufacturers including low cost Chinese handsets (some of which are identical to Nokia and other manufacturers’ high budget handsets) entered the market and made the competition harder for Nokia.

On the other side, in high budget market, Nokia is also having a hard time surviving as most of the consumers are now attracted to either Apple iPhone or other smartphones that run Android, including Samsung Galaxy Series. Nokia still continues developing its smartphones with Symbian which a number of developers term as dated. However, the Finland-based company has a new hope of regaining the market with Windows Phone 7, and as it seems, it’s unpredictable whether or not they will succeed in overtaking Android phones in sale.