HP Announces New PC

HP gave up, but apparently the company wouldn’t spend its last moments lazy. Probably that’s why despite its falling market share, it has announced a new desktop computer focused on businesses. Reports according to Reuters.

The sources said that this is the first all-in-one PC aimed at corporate level users. The PC is called HP Compaq 8200 All-in-one Business Desktop. The computer-maker company earlier announced that it will kill production of its tablet device called TouchPad as well as other mobile devices. It might also sell off its PC unit.

Although the market share was down, Reuters reported that shared were up 4.2 percent at $24.59 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange in a market that was broadly up.


Next Generation iPhone in October

Photo by All Things D.

Rumors about iPhone are endless. But the latest rumor about iPhone’s next edition coming this September has been proved wrong by an undisclosed source.  According to All Things D, a believable source close to the matter said that the next generation of iPhone will not be displayed anytime in this September.

When asked about a hard launch date, the source only said the next iPhone will be out this October where other ‘sources’ said that it would be late October when iPhone arrives in the market.

The source also said that AT&T may have canceled all employee vacation since past two weeks but it’s not for an iPhone launch this September. Whenever the gadget is out, it will be in October.

If you’re one of those iPhone fans that are waiting with cash to get an iPhone 5, or 4G, or whatever it takes to be the next generation of iPhone, start counting down now. October is barely two months away!

Mozilla to Compete with Android

Mozilla Foundation isn’t happy competing with Google with its vastly popular web browser on desktop. As reports mentioned, the company behind Firefox is now stepping into the world of smartphone operating systems.

mozilla smartphone operating system
Earlier, Mozilla built a mobile version of its web browser codenamed Fennec (Firefox for Mobile).

It is said that Mozilla may take some of the components from Android for its own version of smartphone OS, but majority of the new operating system will be written from scratch, which means consumers can anticipate something different and fresh in the world of smartphones.

As soon as the new operating system from the Firefox family is out, it will undoubtedly compete with its major rival Android as both will run on the same devices.

Mozilla said the new operating system will be designed in a way that will be much more open than the one Google built. Although the company says Android will be their first competitor in the market, there are other obvious rivals including Windows Phone 7 and the upcoming iOS 5. Even if Mozilla makes it to the smartphone operating system market, the competition won’t be easy.

Do you feel any interest to try out Mozilla’s own operating system for smartphones?

Microsoft Making a Strong Comeback to Tablet Market

Rumors have been floating around since February 2011 that Microsoft isn’t done with tablet PC market despite its failure with Slate that many people termed to be a PC lacking a keyboard. We have heard unconfirmed reports that Microsoft will bring a special tablet-optimized version of Windows 8 operating system in June.

Now the reports are finally confirmed. Sources said that Microsoft is likely to showcase this tablet-optimized Windows 8 next week at All Things D conference.

We still don’t know anything about Windows 8 that is optimized for tablet PC until it’s showcased in the next week. However, Bloomberg said that the operating system is not likely to hit the market until the next year.