Google+ Beats Twitter to be the Most Active Social Networking Site

Google+ didn’t fail to get enough criticism from those who didn’t find much of their friends on the network. But recent statistics show that the network is actually not a “ghost town”, but only second most active social networking platform.

Global Web Index has recently published a report from data collected in Q4 2012 which shows that Google+ has more user activity than Twitter and YouTube. According to GWI.8, 21% of global Internet population uses Twitter actively on a monthly basis compared to 21% on YouTube, 25% on Google+ and a whooping 51% on Facebook.

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Google +1 Button Now Lets You Share Instantly with your Circles

It seems that the power of +1 button not only lies in improving the appearance of the content on Google search result page, but it also lets users share content across their Google+ circles, without even opening up a tab for Google+.

google +1 button

Google officially announced this nifty feature coming live in the next week. It lets you simply click the +1 button on any website and instantly share it with your circles. You will see the option to choose which circles you want this to be shared with.

This makes a big difference from Facebook Like buttons because with a single click on Like button, you’re sharing the content with everyone (or whatever the default settings for sharing is set to) on your friend list. On the contrary, by clicking on +1 button, you can share it with circles individually. It does not even pop-up another window. It’s as intuitive as it could be (see the screenshot above, click for a larger view).

Developers might have to replace or update some code on their existing +1 button from websites with a new snippet Google said will be released in the next week. However, people who are already in platform preview may download the new snippet right away and test it out on their website.

It seems that Google is actually pushing the world of content  creators (and readers as well) to share what’s interesting on Google+ for their own good. With that in mind, we can forget what was written by a couple of journalists (one from Forbes) who underestimated Google+ and failed to realize the potential it has.

How to Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Your Text on Google Plus

So you’re already on Google+ and ready to experience the changes. There are quite a few things that you cannot do on Facebook. One of them is stylizing your post/comments as Bold, Italic, Underline and so on. Google took it as a preference people might want to have and activated these options on Google+. However, for some strange reason, it’s not really showcased on the platform how you can stylize your text. Don’t worry, now that you’re here, we’ll show you how you can do that.

how to bold, italic on google plus

In order to bold out your text in Google+, all you need to do is wrap the word or sentence that should be bold with asterisks. Just like this: *This will be bold*. Post it and you’ll see Google Plus transforms it into being bold. Easy enough, right?

Sometimes you want to italic your text. To do this on Google Plus, simply wrap your text with underscores like this: _This will be italic_ And you will see how your text transforms into italic when it’s live on Google Plus. Simple enough, right?

You always sometimes want to strikethrough your text just to draw readers’ special attention into some facts that otherwise might be overlooked. You can actually strikethrough your text on Google Plus as well. Just wrap your post with hyphen and you’ll see how it looks. Fun enough, right?

So, that was our basic tutorial on how to stylize your text on Google Plus and stand out from the crowd circles. Obviously you can’t do these styles on Facebook. Go on, try it now and let us know how much you like it!

Google+ Beats Facebook : The Fastest Growing Social Network

google plus

Facebook may have the record of accommodating the largest number of users on board, but Google has already beaten the number 1 network with a new record. Latest data from comScore has shown that Google+ is the fastest growing social network ever, and it leaves Facebook, Twitter and MySpace behind in this record.

According to the study by comScore, the firm that tracks and analyzes web traffic and statistics, Google+ has attracted as many as 20 million users in just 21 days. Added to that, 5.8 million Google+ users are from the United States where 2.8 million users are from India. The new player in social networking world has also attracted people from other countries including the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

Although the new study shows all positive sides of Google+, an earlier report said that total traffic to Google+ originating in the US had dropped about 3%. Despite anything that’s actually happening to the new social networking platform by the search giant, everyone is in fact looking forward to what Google offers next to keep users interested and attracted to its social network. So far the entrance and beginning of social networking journey for Google has been good and encouraging. Now it’s up to Google whether they can maintain the flow or lose users’ interest.

Google+ Traffic Drops

Despite its 20 million active users, among which many have closed Facebook and moved to Google+, the total traffic to Google+ has dropped a bit as users spend less time on the newly built social circling platform by the search giant Google.

From July 17-23, total traffic to Google+ in the US fell about 3% to 1.79 million hits. The percentage is compared to the previous week’s traffic (July 10-16). See details analysis here.

Earlier we heard reports that the network was lacking female users as most of the people on the site were males. Some argue that this is happening because the network isn’t open to public yet. The actual popularity will begin to rise or fall when the site is open for anyone to register and enjoy just like Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think of Google Plus? Have you used it? Do you enjoy it? How long do you think you will be using it? Let us know in the comments.

Beware: Your Google+ Account May Be Deleted

Google+ is Google’s latest and apparently a very serious attempt in conquering the social world on the Internet. Millions of people are enjoying Google+ with positive and negative reactions to it. However, there are complaints that Google+ is deleting some accounts simply because of the name of the accounts.

According to ZDNet, Google deleted a large number of plus accounts because the profiles seemed to be fake. One particular Google+ user that ZDNet noted had lost her plus account because of the profile name which was “Ladyada”. Google also asked another user to scan his Photo ID and send it over to Google in order to get his Google+ profile back.

For those who are not a big fan of Google+, losing Google+ might sound like not being able to access the social networking platform. But it’s more than that. Those who lost their Google+ account couldn’t log in to Gmail, YouTube or any other Google product. We all know that Google uses same username and password across all Google products. But we didn’t know that ban from any of these Google products can mean ban from all of them.

However, we have come across Google+ terms where it states you are prohibited from using any professional title, alias, or any type of unusual characters. Google says, in Google+, you can be sure that you’re meeting the right person. To make themselves right, the company forces you to use the name you are commonly known among your friends, family and real life circles!

Therefore, you have to be serious before your account gets revoked. Because if, by any chance, you are revoked, suddenly your Internet world will be frozen until restored.