How to Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Your Text on Google Plus

So you’re already on Google+ and ready to experience the changes. There are quite a few things that you cannot do on Facebook. One of them is stylizing your post/comments as Bold, Italic, Underline and so on. Google took it as a preference people might want to have and activated these options on Google+. However, for some strange reason, it’s not really showcased on the platform how you can stylize your text. Don’t worry, now that you’re here, we’ll show you how you can do that.

how to bold, italic on google plus

In order to bold out your text in Google+, all you need to do is wrap the word or sentence that should be bold with asterisks. Just like this: *This will be bold*. Post it and you’ll see Google Plus transforms it into being bold. Easy enough, right?

Sometimes you want to italic your text. To do this on Google Plus, simply wrap your text with underscores like this: _This will be italic_ And you will see how your text transforms into italic when it’s live on Google Plus. Simple enough, right?

You always sometimes want to strikethrough your text just to draw readers’ special attention into some facts that otherwise might be overlooked. You can actually strikethrough your text on Google Plus as well. Just wrap your post with hyphen and you’ll see how it looks. Fun enough, right?

So, that was our basic tutorial on how to stylize your text on Google Plus and stand out from the crowd circles. Obviously you can’t do these styles on Facebook. Go on, try it now and let us know how much you like it!


How to Download Firefox 6 Before it’s Released

Would you like to start using Firefox 6? Wait, has it been released yet? Not really, but you can still use Firefox version 6. What, you don’t like to mess with release candidates? Come on, it’s not release candidate, it’s the official release. But how on earth could you possibly download the official release even before it’s actually released?

Well, as long as you are talking about Firefox 6, it’s actually possible. The Mozilla Foundation has taken up a new schedule of releasing new version of Firefox every six week. As a result of that, Firefox 6 will be officially available on Mozilla website this August 16. But they made the new version available to download via their FTP servers. If you want to be one of the early adopters, you can download Mozilla Firefox 6 following these links:

Firefox 6 for Mac | Firefox 6 for Windows | Firefox 6 for Linux
(Right click and choose Save Link as..)

Since it’s a quick release, there aren’t many mentionable features on this new version. One thing you might start noticing right away is that the location bar now shows the root domain a little differently, which is already available in Google Chrome.

Try out the new version and let us know how you feel about it.