Microsoft’s Comes out of Preview

When Microsoft first launched the preview version of, many people were stunned because the design was really beautiful, attractive and user-friendly as well as fast. With the vintage-style tile icon matching the metro look of Windows 8, quickly became a popular (0 million to 60 million, as Microsoft puts it) email service. Compared to, is a huge improvement. And now it’s time to leave the preview as the company believes they are ready to be mainstream. Continue reading


Several Microsoft Services Face Downtime


Users across the world reported downtime on and Office 365, this has recently spread to Microsoft’s search engine Bing as well.

Microsoft confirmed The Next Web that due to maintenance, some users faced downtime with and Office 365 services. But no official words on why Bing was  down as well.

Microsoft representative said that they are aware of Bing outage and are working to resolve the issue. However, Bing is already back online.

Earlier, Microsoft’s service had similar issues when trying to add new accounts under domain management panel as well as adding new domains. Both of those problems now appear to have been resolved.

Were you affected by Microsoft’s widespread downtime?

Windows Phone Manager Leaves Microsoft

microsoft windows phone manager quits

 Microsoft has recently lost one of its brilliant employees, named Charlie Kindel, who was responsible for managing the Windows Phone group.

Charlie, after 21 years with Microsoft, has resigned to start up his own company soon. He posted about it on his personal blog. He was one of Microsoft’s most important assets as he and his team has done a great job improving Windows Phone platform that has attracted both developers and consumers at a very short period of time.

In his fairly long good-bye mail intended for all his colleagues at Microsoft, he has joked around pretty much. He wrote [telling his kids] that just because he leaves Microsoft doesn’t mean they [his children] may not use Google. This is where we find a similarity between him and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who is known to buy his kids Zunes preventing them from using iPods.

Microsoft Making a Strong Comeback to Tablet Market

Rumors have been floating around since February 2011 that Microsoft isn’t done with tablet PC market despite its failure with Slate that many people termed to be a PC lacking a keyboard. We have heard unconfirmed reports that Microsoft will bring a special tablet-optimized version of Windows 8 operating system in June.

Now the reports are finally confirmed. Sources said that Microsoft is likely to showcase this tablet-optimized Windows 8 next week at All Things D conference.

We still don’t know anything about Windows 8 that is optimized for tablet PC until it’s showcased in the next week. However, Bloomberg said that the operating system is not likely to hit the market until the next year.