Facebook Makes Photo Appear Larger

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One of the most popular and most used feature of Facebook is its photo albums. Apart from updating status, playing Farmville and interacting with others, almost everyone on Facebook takes advantage of Facebook’s unlimited photo album feature. Recently, the social networking giant has announced that it now shows larger photo in less time.

Published in Facebook’s official blog, Justin Shaffer wrote, “Now, the photos you share on Facebook are bigger (720 pixels to 960 pixels) and load twice as fast, giving you quicker access to more detailed images.”

Users don’t have to worry about photos that have been already uploaded and share with friends as Justin added that the existing photos will appear larger as well.

Another update in the Photo feature is that Facebook is replacing its black old theater look with a white photo viewer that is significantly larger than previously the theater was.  The Theater look was released back in February when Facebook officially started supporting high resolution photos.

Let us know in the comments if this change means anything to you.


Facebook Attracted 1 Trillion Page views in June

Ever wondered how many page views does the largest social networking platform attract every month? If you’re curious, there are information. According to Google’s DoubleClick, in June 2011, Facebook attracted as much as 1 trillion page views and 870 million unique visits.

facebook stats

Interesting thing is that, Facebook attracted ten times more page views then the second most visited website, YouTube. According to data, YouTube 100 billion page views (only) and about 790 million unique users on the site. However, the stats were shown excluding sites that don’t load properly, ad networks, adult websites and a few of Google’s very own websites.

Facebook now has 750 million users and we expected the unique visit per month to be more than 870 million. But this shows that not everyone on Facebook is really active.

If you’re not sure what the differences between page views and unique visits are, unique visit counts every single person visiting a site as long as cookies remain on their browser. If they don’t wipe it out, typically a person is counted as one unique visitor for as long as one month (or the period of time you want to generate statistics of). Learn more about unique visits on Wikipedia.

Page views, on the other hand, represent how many times pages were loaded on visitors’ machines. With that said, if you log in to Facebook, you first have to visit Facebook.com, logging in will redirect you to your News Feed, and clicking on a story will redirect you to its own page. Each time any page of Facebook is loaded, it’s counted as page views.

Facebook Announces New Privacy Features

One of the two things the largest social networking site Facebook does is regularly changing its privacy settings (still not being satisfactory to end users). It happened again. As expected, Facebook came up with seven deadly changes on how users are exposed around the world.

facebook new features

The changes are mainly focused on its tagging system and sharing policy. Here is a list of six new features (along with our fancy rating) Facebook is rolling out to its 750+ million users soon:

facebook logo

Tag Universally
Clearly a copy-pasted feature from Google+ which, in aspects of Facebook privacy, doesn’t really strengthen its settings. Now, in your comment, wall post or status update, you can literally tag anyone who’s been using Facebook from any corner of the world. This really exposes everyone. Although there’s an option for you to turn off the option for others to tag you, this feature isn’t going to be very useful as many people have said on comments left on news blogs. We give this feature a 1/5.

Control Tagger
In a simple word, you can control who tags you in their post, and who tags others in your post. That’s literally all this feature is. However, one useful update is that Facebook will now require your approval to each photo/post you’re tagged on. This way, you might avoid being tagged on some embarrassing stuff. That’d be nice, for real. We’d reward this feature with a 4/5.

Do more when Removing Tags
That’s all this feature is about. Whenever you don’t like being tagged on a certain photo, you could simply remove the tag from the photo page or your wall. Now, Facebook thought people wanted to do different things at that very moment. That’s why it will show up a window asking you whether you want just to remove the tag, or ask the uploader to take the photo down, or simply block him from your list. That’s a nice feature that will save time for busy people. From our side, this feature gets a 4/5.

See Who Sees What
Another copy-pasted feature from Google+ without any doubt. Now, you can view your profile as certain people would view it. To be more exact, until now you were able to check how your profile looked when someone not in your friend list viewed it. With the new feature, you can totally see how it looks to certain person, for example, your mom or boss. That’s certainly a good inclusion despite being copied from Google. We’ll give it 4/5.

Facebook came up with a brilliant (and LOL at the same time) logic that its “Everyone” privacy settings preset was a wrong label. It says, with that settings active, anyone might see your stuff, but ‘everyone’ will not see. That’s why they updated the word ‘Everyone’ to ‘Public’, as seen on Google+ (third copy-pasted feature). As it literally does no improvement on the overall features, we give it a straight face rating 😐 !

You don’t have anything to do to get these privacy settings. These will be delivered to your Facebook account soon. However, you already know what the new features are. Which of these do you think are going to be useful for you? Let us know in the comments.

Google+ Bringing Games on Board

google+ to add angry birds and games

If you are a social gaming fan and if you have been on Google+, chances are you have already started to miss some games on the site. Lately, the search giant has announced that some popular games are being brought on board with a separate page called ‘Games’.

Games like “Angry Birds”, “Zynga Poker”, “Sudoku” and so on are very popular and well-known in other social networking sites specially Facebook. Google, in a blog post, said that it will bring these games including some other in a separate section inside Google+ called Games. The page, or tab called Games, will be accessible from the top of the page on Google+.

As user privacy has been the top most concern of Google+, the company said that the same will go with games. Users can show off their high score in games with only interested followers who will click the Games tab to show others’ Games updates. In that way, those who aren’t interested in Games will simply not see anything related to Games.

However, sources said that there is almost no chance that Google+ might bring FarmVille and CityVille as those may be exclusively available on Facebook. So, if you are a FarmVille freak, you still have to keep your Facebook account active.

Facebook Tests New Chat Sidebar

Facebook faced some criticism from its users after few weeks ago it revamped its chat system to show up the most contacted list on its sidebar. Now, the social networking giant is testing a redesigned chat sidebar that is more like the very old way of chatting.

The new sidebar shows up the most contacted friends on top of it and adds a separator called “More Friends Online” below which other online friends from your list appear. Unlike the old chat navigator, the new sidebar goes all the way up to the top of the browser’s screen to show as many contacts as possible.

The new feature reportedly hasn’t been rolled out to all Facebook accounts yet. But apparently it’s going to be stick and permanent chat style for a while.

Hacker Group Chooses the Biggest Target so far, Facebook

It’s Anonymous again, and this time, it says it’s next target is Facebook, the largest social network on the planet.

hacker group to hack facebook

Hacker group Anonymous has become famous over past months by successful hacking, data theft and website take-downs on many websites including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. It also successfully took down the entire Play Station Network and hacked into many law enforcement websites including the CIA and police. But this is the first time the hacker group is targeting any mainstream social networking platform.

According to its self theory, the group Anonymous performs ‘ethical hacking’ for the sake of humanity. For example, last time it took down a Syrian website in its message to remove the Syrian president that they say the Syrian people don’t want.

Anonymous said in a video statement (only voice is heard after a fancy animation to Anonymous’ logo), Facebook is selling all personal data despite any privacy settings users apply. Anything a user does on Facebook remains on Facebook forever. Even if the uploader deletes certain information, it’s stored on Facebook. That said, Facebook is the biggest threat to privacy of general people, and that’s why the group is going to “kill” Facebook on November 5, 2011.

However, Anonymous said in its Twitter stream that some of its activists are arranging the attack but the group as a whole does not claim responsibility of the operation announced.

Despite general people’s carelessness about what Facebook does with their very private information, the alleged information told by the narrator in the video concerned is true. We have heard many famous security experts to say that Facebook is a continuous threat to user privacy. Although the social giant said that the current privacy settings is very tight, many think that it doesn’t really work that way. And everything remains on Facebook even after you delete them is an ‘unverified information’ the internet has seen long ago.

Since it’s Anonymous, the most famous hacker group of the present, Facebook seems to be a little worried as it didn’t comment on the matter.

Watch the video statement here:

Here’s a transcription of the video as seen on ZDNet.

Operation Facebook
DATE: November 5, 2011.
TARGET: https://facebook.com
Press: Twitter : https://twitter.com/OP_Facebook
Irc.Anonops.Li #

OpFaceBook Message:

Attention citizens of the world,

We wish to get your attention, hoping you heed the warnings as follows: Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed. If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy.

Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. Some of these so-called whitehat infosec firms are working for authoritarian governments, such as those of Egypt and Syria.

Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your “privacy” settings, and deleting your account is impossible, even if you “delete” your account, all your personal info stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time. Changing the privacy settings to make your Facebook account more “private” is also a delusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family.


You cannot hide from the reality in which you, the people of the internet, live in. Facebook is the opposite of the Antisec cause. You are not safe from them nor from any government. One day you will look back on this and realise what we have done here is right, you will thank the rulers of the internet, we are not harming you but saving you.

The riots are underway. It is not a battle over the future of privacy and publicity. It is a battle for choice and informed consent. It’s unfolding because people are being raped, tickled, molested, and confused into doing things where they don’t understand the consequences. Facebook keeps saying that it gives users choices, but that is completely false. It gives users the illusion of and hides the details away from them “for their own good” while they then make millions off of you. When a service is “free,” it really means they’re making money off of you and your information.

Think for a while and prepare for a day that will go down in history. November 5 2011, #opfacebook . Engaged.

This is our world now. We exist without nationality, without religious bias. We have the right to not be surveilled, not be stalked, and not be used for profit. We have the right to not live as slaves.

We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

What do you think of the reason of the Anonymous member’s attack? Do you agree with them because Facebook does sell your information without your consent?

Google+ Beats Facebook : The Fastest Growing Social Network

google plus

Facebook may have the record of accommodating the largest number of users on board, but Google has already beaten the number 1 network with a new record. Latest data from comScore has shown that Google+ is the fastest growing social network ever, and it leaves Facebook, Twitter and MySpace behind in this record.

According to the study by comScore, the firm that tracks and analyzes web traffic and statistics, Google+ has attracted as many as 20 million users in just 21 days. Added to that, 5.8 million Google+ users are from the United States where 2.8 million users are from India. The new player in social networking world has also attracted people from other countries including the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

Although the new study shows all positive sides of Google+, an earlier report said that total traffic to Google+ originating in the US had dropped about 3%. Despite anything that’s actually happening to the new social networking platform by the search giant, everyone is in fact looking forward to what Google offers next to keep users interested and attracted to its social network. So far the entrance and beginning of social networking journey for Google has been good and encouraging. Now it’s up to Google whether they can maintain the flow or lose users’ interest.