250,000 User Accounts May Have Been Affected By A Twitter Hacking Attempt

twitter hacked

Twitter has recently announced a sophisticated hacking attempt on its server which may have compromised the accounts of about 250,000 users.

According to Twitter, the hacker was able to get usernames, email addresses, security session tokens as well as encrypted passwords of some 250,000 users. It suggested everyone to make sure that they are using strong passwords and change their password if necessary. Continue reading


Google+ Beats Twitter to be the Most Active Social Networking Site

Google+ didn’t fail to get enough criticism from those who didn’t find much of their friends on the network. But recent statistics show that the network is actually not a “ghost town”, but only second most active social networking platform.

Global Web Index has recently published a report from data collected in Q4 2012 which shows that Google+ has more user activity than Twitter and YouTube. According to GWI.8, 21% of global Internet population uses Twitter actively on a monthly basis compared to 21% on YouTube, 25% on Google+ and a whooping 51% on Facebook.

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Retweet is Now a Word in Concise Oxford Dictionary

Every time you see a ‘share-worthy’ tweet on your timeline, what do you do? Yes, you hit the retweet button twice. First to actually retweet, and second time to confirm that you’ll retweet. You’ll what?

Retweet is a common word used in Twitter. In 2008, twitter users used “RT @username” method to share a tweet with their followers. However, that technically didn’t do anything. That RT in the beginning meant that it was a retweet and the @ followed by twitter username meant that it was a reply. In 2009, twitter officially rolled out the retweet option which is now an independent feature on Twitter.

Not only that, the word is used so often across twitter and across the web that it made into the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. Along with ‘retweet’, ‘sexting’ is another word that made its place there.

Twitter Finally Getting Rid of Old Design

twitter bird

To embrace the new, old must be gone. Twitter has officially announced that the redesigned Twitter.com is ready for a full release. With that, the old design of twitter will be permanently shut down. In September 2010, the then CEO of Twitter Evan Williams first announced the redesigned version of twitter called “New Twitter.”

Users were given the choice to either upgrade to the new twitter or stick to the old version. But soon all users will be upgraded to the new version as the old design will be shut down permanently.

Although the old Twitter looked kind of neat and clean, the new one comes with added functionality and works more like an application. In the new interface, you will not need to leave twitter.com just to see a picture or video embedded in a tweet. All the media files embedded in a tweet are viewable right inside twitter.com. Not only that, you will not have to open a separate tab just to see someone’s profile. Whenever you click a tweeter’s username, a slider will appear on the right where profile of that person will be shown.

The new twitter is designed to be experienced with all the functionality one could expect. Supposedly, not many people will miss the old version of twitter. There’s still no hard date when twitter will be shutting down the old design. But we’re expecting this to happen anytime.

Will you miss the old design of twitter?

Twitter Monetizing Your Timeline

promoted tweets

Not exactly Twitter, but several brands have been given the opportunity to monetize on your timeline if you follow them on Twitter.

Called Promoted Tweets program, brands can now advertise on the timeline of those twitter users who are following them. To put it simply, if you follow a brand or company who is participating in Promoted Tweet, you are bound to see ads ‘spoiling’ your friendly timeline.

Groupon, LivingSocial, HBO, Dell, Virgin America and more brands are among the companies participating in Promoted Tweets program.

However, with one benefit there comes a loss. Those interested followers who don’t like their timeline to be mixed up with ads may just unfollow their favorite brands on Twitter as users do not have a way to opt out of these Promoted Tweets. In result, companies may simply lose a number of potential customers from Twitter because of Promoted Tweets.

Fortunately, there’s a good news that those Promoted Tweets will not show up on third-party twitter apps such as TweetDeck or others. If you’re on Twitter.com, you’ll see the Promoted Tweets. Otherwise, you’re still lucky.

Would you like to see Promoted Tweets from your favorite brands in your twitter streamline?