Anger and Criticism Surfaces as People Failed to get Google I/O Ticket: All Blames on Google Wallet

google i/o

Mixed criticism and sheer anger floods Google+ and Twitter stream as people failed to get themselves a ticket for Google’s annual program, Google I/O.

Google I/O is one of the most anticipated program of the year for any developer and Google/Android enthusiasts. This year’s I/O is scheduled to be held from May 15 throughout May 17. Registration opened up this morning and all tickets were sold out in less than 45 minutes according to reports from various blogs. Continue reading


Samsung Preparing Galaxy Pocket Neo for Mid-May Launch

galaxy pocket neo

According to reports from SamMobile and GSMArena, Samsung is not just putting all of its efforts in perfecting the next generation of Galaxy S phone, Galaxy S4. It is also working for a new entry-level Android phone dubbed as Galaxy Pocket Neo. Continue reading

And the Whole World Wait for Sir Galaxy the Fourth

AIS Journal

galaxy s4

The whole world has come to a standstill. Those who are willing to see the 2013 generation of smartphone including those who surely cannot afford to buy it are holding their breath as the day March 14 approaches. Sir Galaxy the Fourth will set foot in public for the first time ever in history, making tons of buzz around the web and print media world.

Did you make note when I wrote “the 2013 generation of smartphone?” How do you define when a generation starts and ends? Well, when it comes to human generation (culture, etc) you can’t obviously say. But when it comes to smartphone generation, you can take a look back and do the obvious math.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Scroll Based on Eye Movement, Another Step-Forward to Making Human Lazier?

samsung galaxy s4The New York Times’ Bits Blog has recently posted an article noting an unanimous source from Samsung that its upcoming wonder, Samsung Galaxy S4, may feature an intelligent eye-sensing scrolling option. If it’s true, you will no longer have to scroll down when reading a PDF or a web article on your S4. Continue reading

Google Afraid as Samsung’s Share in Android Market Grows

Ask these questions: Who makes all the popular Android phones? Who puts the most marketing efforts in popularizing Android against Windows Phone and iOS? The answer to these questions will be simple: Samsung. Google is happy at Samsung for doing the most promotion of its Android operating system.

But there’s another question that makes Google unhappy. Who dominates the Android market with over 40% market share? It’s Samsung. And Google is afraid that this may cause Google lose its profit. Continue reading

Microsoft’s Comes out of Preview

When Microsoft first launched the preview version of, many people were stunned because the design was really beautiful, attractive and user-friendly as well as fast. With the vintage-style tile icon matching the metro look of Windows 8, quickly became a popular (0 million to 60 million, as Microsoft puts it) email service. Compared to, is a huge improvement. And now it’s time to leave the preview as the company believes they are ready to be mainstream. Continue reading

Google to Establish its own Retail Stores

google retail stores

Google’s co-founder once said that he always wanted to be in hardware business. With the company’s plans to open its own retail stores across the United States for its products, he is finally getting what he had wanted.

Mashable reported that Google may soon open its own retail stores where potential buyers can walk in and test out several of its products that include Chromebook and an upcoming augmented reality glass known as Project Glass. But is it really genius to go from web store to a real world store while the world is actually doing the opposite — moving real world stores to the web? Continue reading